Oklahoma State Senator Ralph Shortey Charged With Prostitution With Minor Boy

Oklahoma law maker Ralph Shortey was recently charged with prostitution with a minor after the state representative was found in a motel with a young boy. Ralph Shortey happens to have been Trump’s primary official during the 2016 campaign. Why should you care?

  1. this disgusting incident shows another hypocrisy of a lawmaking Republican
  2. many  Trump supporters won’t see this story on their daily conservative networks.
  3. To be aware that the people who hold political power at times can be some of the most unethical group of people, yet they will use their power to destroy a lower socioeconomic class.
Ralph Shortey pictured with Donald Trump Jr.


Due to Ralph Shortey messing with a 17 year old boy along with this incident taking place within 1,000 feet of a church, Ralph Shortey is facing felony charges with  a sentence of of up to 10 years minimum. But unfortunately we know how this game  goes far too well, so we’ll keep you posted if Ralph Shortey actually gets convicted.  

*Side note*: though Shortey has resigned and no longer holds a political position in Oklahoma, the  politician will still benefit from +$30,000  annual pension salaries.

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