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Is VP Kamala Harris’ Latest Remarks On Immigration Hypocritical?

After campaigning on the importance of building the “American Dream” and pushing for equal access to America “for all cultures”, Vice President Kamala Harris now is singing a different tune. In her first foreign visit […]

Man Casually Climbs Over Wall At Mexican/US Border

Imagine your country wasting $150M on a 14mile wide fence that virtually doesn’t do anything as promised. This video will show viewers yet another reason why Trump’s “Build That Wall” campaign is useless and a […]

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The List of Murdered Activists In Ferguson Keeps Growing..

By Elliot F. Somebody is murdering activists in Ferguson, MO. These are the facts surrounding the situation. BACKGROUND On Saturday August 9, 2014 around noon, Darren Wilson, a 28 year old white police officer of […]