Is VP Kamala Harris’ Latest Remarks On Immigration Hypocritical?

After campaigning on the importance of building the “American Dream” and pushing for equal access to America “for all cultures”, Vice President Kamala Harris now is singing a different tune. In her first foreign visit as VP to Guatemala Kamala Harris made sure to tell South Americans ” Do Not Come!” (to America). While Harris was specifically speaking on those immigrants who try to arrive to America illegally, her tone and stance were something that was never made public until her most recent speech. As the daughter of two immigrants, surely one would expect Kamala Harris to understand that many people escape to get to America because their own country has left them no choice. We’re not here to argue if you should agree or disagree with her most recent remarks, however, it should be noted that she’s done a 180 degree turn (in terms of immigration) when viewing her campaign on the road to Vice Presidency. Do you think this is hypocritical? Please share your thoughts below.