Disturbing: Young Teen Assaults Elderly lady for “Smack Cam”

In the year 2013, many social trends became the norm for social media in hopes of reposts, revines, and retweets. One of the biggest social trends to influence our youth has been deemed “Smack Cam”.  “Smack Cam” consists of 2 things.

1) A person smacking a victim.

2)  A device to record the victim getting smacked.

What once started out as a friendly game amongst friends on social media sites such as Vine and Instagram, now has somehow turned into a senseless act of recklessness among many teens. In fact, “Smack Cam” victims, in some cases, are victims of no affiliation to the person doing the “smacking”.

Earlier this month, in Rochester, NY, 16 year old Devin Alexander was taken into custody for smacking an elderly lady, outside of a corner store. The elderly lady, who had no idea of the assault can be shown below as the next victim of the senseless “Smack Cam” game.

For my younger viewers, a series of questions I have for you:

1) What kind of coward smacks an elderly lady to promote social gain on social media sites?

2) What kind of idiot records and posts on the internet something like this to incriminate oneself?

3) Are the reposts and retweets worth the jail time and most likely permanent damage to your criminal record?

It’s time for a lot of young Americans to wake up and see the bigger picture, getting caught up in the system is not one of them. I hope this young man learns from his mistakes, but sometimes “sorry” can be a little too late. Likewise, I hope this article serves to help other young adults, young males especially, not get tied up in this senseless act again.

Find a hobby, play a sport, go talk to girls!…whatever is your niche find it and hone it! Do something positive to make a change, not something because you want to look cool or seem popular. I’d rather be making money, what would you rather do?