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Pharrell Williams Feat. JAY-Z X Entrepreneur (Official Video)

Two trendsetters. Two successful Entrepreneurs. Pharrell Williams and Jay-z (Shawn Carter) have been two of the most successful artists not just for hip-hop, but for humanity. With a long list of accomplishments it would take […]

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Spike Lee’s “Old Block” Gets Vandalized!

In the past week, actor Spike Lee has faced a lot of criticism over his rant of gentrification in Brooklyn, New York. As a result, someone has recently vandalized his old home, where his father […]

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P.O.S. Classifieds: Rye [Long Island, NY]

Unlike most fashion blogs, we at P.O.S believe in authenticity when it comes to fashion. Likewise, we decided to begin a list of classified articles portraying people who display various styles of fashion via a […]

P.O.S. Hero of the Week: Boy Dies In Fire Trying to Save Family

This week Product of Society would like to take the time out to commemorate 8 year old, Tyler J. Doohan. Tyler was visiting his family members in East Rochester, NY last night. According to CNN, around […]

NY Giants Star Receiver Helps Bullied Teen Overcome Adversity

New York Giants Wide Receiver, Victor Cruz,  was recently featured on the USA Network for his incredible service of helping a bullied teen, Joey Kemmerling (19). Joey has been bullied since he “came out” as a middle […]

Disturbing: Young Teen Assaults Elderly lady for “Smack Cam”

In the year 2013, many social trends became the norm for social media in hopes of reposts, revines, and retweets. One of the biggest social trends to influence our youth has been deemed “Smack Cam”. […]