P.O.S. Hero of the Week: Boy Dies In Fire Trying to Save Family

This week Product of Society would like to take the time out to commemorate 8 year old, Tyler J. Doohan. Tyler was 1620849_10151815570495667_36024496_nvisiting his family members in East Rochester, NY last night. According to CNN, around 5AM a fire department was dispatched to head to a mobile home that was on fire; the house Tyler Doohan was visiting.

According to authorities, Tyler was able to rescue 6 people, two of which were ages 4 and 6 years of age. The 7th person Tyler tried to save was his disable grandfather. According to Tyler’s mom, Tyler’s grandfather was his “best friend”. Tyler’s mom, who was not present at her relatives house, was told Tyler broke away from his aunt’s arms to run inside and save his disable grandfather. Likewise, Tyler’s aunt ran inside to save her nephew from the fire. Unfortunately, the thick smoke blocked the aunt from finding her nephew and the disabled grandfather.

To the aunt and family’s dismay, they found the 8 year old boy and grandfather lying in the same bed. Authorities believe that the two were trying to reach a nearby window, however, they were not successful on their attempt. Both Tyler Doohan and his grandfather were pronounced dead upon arrival.

Below is a video of Tyler’s mother speaking on her son’s heroic act and sadness she feels of his death. At 8 years of age he showed the true definition of altruism and his death will not go in vain.

Rest In Paradise Tyler.