You May Be Ready For Spring Break, But…..Is Your Body Ready?

f95025c104d234ed0723084a4d0778bcSpring break is right around the corner and I know all of you ladies are trying to get into that bikini body you’ve always wanted. And ladies, it’s 2014, no one wants to see a skeleton wearing a bikini. Toned is the new skinny and the question that I get asked most is, “How do I get that toned?” The answer is: LIFT WEIGHTS! I can’t stress enough how important it is for women to lift weights. So many of you are scared of lifting because you believe that it will make you bulky like a man. MYTH! Truth is, unless you’re consuming ungodly amounts of calories and lifting like a power lifter, YOU WILL NOT BULK UP! If you want to be toned and lose that extra body fat, weight training is of the essence. The trick is to make your weight workouts high intensity with minimal rest. This way, your burning tons of calories, toning your muscles, and giving yourself a cardio workout as well. No need to run on a boring treadmill for 30 minutes or the elliptical, or the bike. Those are so boring, I just want to stop my workout and do something else. I rarely ever touch them. When your workouts are high intensity and contain a variety of moves, the workout flies by. The best weight training method (my favorite) is the 3X3X3 circuit using active rest. Active rest is when you do a cardio or plyometric move such as jump roping, burpees, mountain climbers, etc, during your rest period. This keeps your heart rate elevated throughout the entire workout, burning oodles of calories. The 3X3X3 method means you do 3 circuits containing 3 moves each, and you repeat each circuit 3 times. Here is a sample workout:


Circuit 1:    Dumbell Bicep Curls (15)
Tricep Dips (15)
Dumbell Shoulder Press (15)
REST: Jumprope (60 sec)
repeat 3X

Circuit 2:    Barbell Squats (20)
Barbell Deadlifts (15)
Alternating Lunges with barbell on shoulders (10 each leg)
REST: Squat jumps (60 sec)
repeat 3X

Circuit 3:   Dumbell Open Flies (15)
Medicine Ball Mason Twists (30)
Barbell Upright Row (15)
REST: Mountain Climbers (60 sec)
repeat 3X

STRETCH!! (super important to stretch for at least 20 minutes after your workout)

Don’t wait last minute to start your spring break bikini body regimine. Don’t be that girl on the beach who feels self-conscious and guilty because they waited too long. Start now, get off your butt, and get to the gym! Get that confidence and feel good in your bikini! Make everyone at the beach drop their jaws when they look at you!

T. Medina