U.S. President Barack Obama delivers his State of the Union speech on Capitol Hill in Washington

As President Barack Obama’s tenure as Commander In Chief continues to reign in the year 2014, the second term president finished last December in an unfavorable position, primarily stemming from mixed feelings from both Democratic and Republican  citizens.

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As a result of an oscillating employment rate and the many opposing views of the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care), the President has been strategically planning various ideas to bridge the gap between the wealthy and the poor. Last night, President Obama spoke on many important key issues, the most important being:

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2013 Employment Rate Graph
  1. Tax Reform
  2. Increase Federal Minimum Wage
  3. Education Reform
  4. Iran

When the President spoke about tax reform last night, he specifically pressed on the issues of altering the tax code for American businesses and American citizens. The President stressed that the current tax code was too misleading in which big businesses have been able to maneuver around it. Also, for the average American citizen the current tax code is misleading in which it becomes difficult for one to understand and undergo.Furthermore, the President stressed that a tax reform would force  bigger companies to create more jobs domestically than internationally, pending these reform acts go through.

(source: New York Times)

In terms of minimum wage, President Obama stressed that current minimum wages in most states were not suitable for everyday living in America. He also stressed that with the help of Congress, a reform should be made to increase the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10. Republican or Democrat, I believe all average Americans can agree that the President hit a bulls-eye on bringing up the topic of increased minimum wage plans.

The next key point was of most importance, I believe, because of it’s immediate need of attention. Education reform. The president highlighted that teachers and principles throughout all of America should raise their academic standards and achievements to better prepare students for 21st century jobs;  especially when it came to STEM reform (Science Technology Engineering and Math). President Obama stated the best way to counter present day methodologies of teaching should be to start reformation at an earlier age. For students who were pursuing high education, the president told America that he wanted to begin issuing a “College Scorecard”. These college scorecards would limit the debt of students because the score of a college would be based off of a new graduate’s success rate of getting employed and finding work. The faster a university’s student can find work, the better grade of a score card and/or vice versa. What does this mean for colleges? It gives colleges an incentive to work with their college students to find jobs and employment because the success of a student now has a direct correlation of a university’s financial system .

Lastly, but certainly not least, the president spoke on building ties with Iran. President Obama stated that if close sanctions were not placed by United Nation diplomats on Iran and it’s ability to obtain nuclear weapons, than that he would be forced to stop Iran himself. The president did, however, state that he believed the country of Iran was currently not in the interest of acquiring nuclear weapons.

As for the other points made by the president, the video below is for your courtesy to watch. I strongly encourage you to watch the full video of State of The Union address. I believe a lot of Americans gained back a little bit more trust for our Commander in Chief. He touched on key issues that every American could benefit from, especially the under represented citizens.