Superfoods for Super Health!

superfoodsSuperfoods by definition are calorie sparse foods that are nutrient dense packing a multitude of antioxidants and essential nutrients. These are nutrients that we cannot make ourselves and can simply ONLY get from certain foods. Why is it that your parents were always trying to get you to EAT YOUR GREENS growing up? Because they are so good for you and your body down right NEEDS them! Now, there is a difference between plain greens and green SUPERFOODS. While greens are good for you, green superfoods are even better! They contain fat burning compounds, important vitamins and minerals that heal and protect your body, as well as the highest concentrations of easily digestible nutrients. If that wasn’t enough, they also contain healthy bacteria which aids in digestion, proteins, and photo-chemicals that protect your body against disease and illness. Chlorophyll, which is highly concentrated in these green superfoods, increases the production of hemoglobin in the blood which makes your blood more oxygen-rich.

Green Superfoods:
Wheat grass
Barley grass
Wild blue-green algae
Brussel Sprouts
Superfoods don’t just come from greens. There are certain nuts, fruits, and seeds that are superfoods as well! These are good for people who really can’t stand greens because they are getting most of the same benefits. Fruit and nut superfoods are high in anti-oxidants like the greens which fight free radicals. Free radicals can cause cancer, diseases, and illnesses and are caused from external factors such as cigarette smoke, pollution, radiation, deep fried foods, preservatives, and burnt foods. If your immune system isn’t functioning well, these free radicals can cause many problems. Antioxidants will fight these free radical demons off!
Fruit, Nut & Seed Superfoods:
Gogi Berries
Raw Cacao
Coconut Oil
Chia Seeds
Flax Seeds
A great way to incorporate these superfoods into your daily routine is to make a green smoothie! Pick your greens, your superfood fruits, nuts, and seeds, add some almond or coconut milk, blend, and there you have it! One of these a day will keep the doctor away!
– T. Medina