Dope Architecture: Team BLDG Positions Hotel Wind into Xiamen Mountainside

hotel wind designed by shanghai-based architects team bldg is based on organic principles of growth and is formed by a series of overlapping boxes. positioned on the side of yunding mountain in the city of xiamen in china and facing out towards the ocean, the building is surrounded by vast amounts of green vegetation. the landscape of south fujian has many unique geological features due to its warm and moist weather, and as a result nature inhabits the surface of stones and gaps in between them – a major reference for the shape of the design. Bringing elements of the exterior into the interior, the boundaries of public and private are blurred to form spaces that flow naturally. three different wells are installed into ‘hotel wind’, the well of rain, tree and wind – each are inserted into the building from the roof top, passing through some private suites and joining into the lobby.”

– Design Boom

Check out the gallery below!

team team1 team2 team3 team4 team5 team6 team7 team8 team9via designboom