P.O.S. Classifieds: Rye [Long Island, NY]

Unlike most fashion blogs, we at P.O.S believe in authenticity when it comes to fashion. Likewise, we decided to begin a list of classified articles portraying people who display various styles of fashion via a product of their environment; every day people like you and me. Fashion is an art and at P.O.S. we respect all styles regardless of sex or race. Just be you!
[Today P.O.S. brings you Rye an aspiring rap artist from Long Island, New York.]

Career Aspirations:

” I plan to be nationally recognized as a recording artist. Being from  Long Island, NY, there hasn’t been someone to really represent us in the music industry since Rakim. There’s a lot of legitimate talent here, and I’m working to shed light on that. I feel that making real music will prevail over trying to fit in and please the radio. LI til I Die! ”

Favorite Quote:

“Money can’t buy life” -Bob Marley

photo1Photo (1)
Shirt x Supreme
Jeans x Uniqlo
Shoes x Vans California
photo2Photo (2)
Hat x Long Beach Polar Bears
Jacket x Penfield
Shirt x Uniqlo
Jeans x Uniqlo
Shoes x Timberland
Photo (3)
Shirt x Supreme
Jeans x Uniqlo
Shoes x Vans California
Instagram: @ryepalmer