Around The World Pt. 1 x Santiago, Chilé

(Taken Via Iphone)

Growing up you may have heard the term “It’s a small world”.  Many of us do not have the opportunity, resources, or courage to leave the “bubble” society creates for ourselves in a given town/city/country. And for a lot of people, those small bubbles are enough to trap one’s notions and ideologies.

At Product of Society, we are committed to breaking out of the “Small World” mentality as we take you on a trip through three of Latin America’s most culturally diverse cities.  Our first stop is Santiago, Chilé.

Santiago is a melting pot of many different ethnicities and cultures and boasts heavy influence from cultures that reach as far as France, Italy and Croatia.  However, Chilé faces a number of the same wealth distribution problems that exist in a large number of South and Central American countries.

Here are some of the facts and figures regarding the fairly large population of Chiléan people who live in deep poverty, often without basic services like electricity and clean water.  Campamentos (slums) can be found in many cities throughout Chilé,

Population: 17,000,000 (approximately)

20,000 families living in slums (reported in 2010)

Over 32,000 Children living in slums

44% of young adults drop out of school

60% of young adults and children cannot read or write

Up to 8 families typically live in one small lot


Our mission at Product of Society is to help provide a healthy perspective for all of our readers, a perspective that puts necessary priorities in the world beyond frivolous distractions.  There are many young people throughout our world who live everyday without basic needs like food, electricity and clean water. Likewise, it is time more people become aware of these growing concerns and issues.

Though it can be painful, for some, try not to become innundated in your own bubble that you forget just how fortunate and blessed we are to live the lives some of us do.

Our next Around the World feature will come from the beautiful city of Sao Paulo, Brazil so stay tuned for more updates!

– JB