Determination: Single Dad Carries His Son 9 Miles Everyday To School

(Source: CEN)

A single dad in the Sichuan Province in China carries his son, Xiao Qiang, on his back due to a disorder that has left Xiao virtually immobile. Yu Xukang, who is 40 year old farmer, tells reporters that he walks 9 miles (18 round-trip) to provide an education for his 12 year old son.

“I know that my son is physically disabled but there is nothing wrong with his mind,” Yu told CEN. “However, I couldn’t find any school here with the facilities to accept him and was constantly rejected.”

Yu estimates that he has walked about 1,600 miles since he’s began taking Xiao to school. Likewise, it looks like those walks are paying off; the 12 year old unsurprisingly is already at the top of his class!

“I know that he will achieve great things,” Yu told CEN reporters.

The determination of Yu for his son is definitely one we can all apply to our own lives. Though we may not have to face adversity as similar to Xiao and Yu, this article should serve to show how dedicated some can be, despite having the resources we may usually take for granted. There is always someone working harder than you! Never get too complacent, it’s stories like these that will inevitably create a focused mind state of determination to help one achieve a dream or aspiration they may have once deemed impossible.

Hats off to Mr. Yu! P.O.S. salutes your hustle, best of luck to Xiao as well.