Say What?! China Sells Bottled Air To Tourists

(“oxygen bunnies” hand out canned air for promotion)

According to the The Daily Mail,  tourists can now purchase “canned air” to counter the high smog levels polluting China’s cities. WHO (World Health Organization) has deemed the current pollutant state as an “environmental crisis”. As a result, many entrepreneurs and businesses have jumped on the idea of selling AIR which is collected at Tianmu mountain.

“The air in Tianmu mountain is so fresh that negative oxygen ion is 3,300 per cubic centirmetre, much higher than the normal level.” – Project manager Long Peng

As crazy as this idea may sound, The Daily Mail also states that this idea isn’t the first of it’s kind. A year ago the philanthropist Chen Guangbiao was said to have distributed 10 million cans of air in just 10 days!

What do you think about China’s “environmental” move? Would you buy canned air?!

Honestly, if the air in a provided area is that polluted, one might not want to visit that respective area. Regardless of the conditions we don’t think we would ever pay for canned air!