Forget 3D Printed Guns, What About 3D Printed Houses?!

(Source: DUS Architects)

In Amsterdam DUS Architects have come up with an idea that they believe will reduce labor costs and waste by 3D printing a house using natural materials. According to Metro UK, “house parts are being printed with the KamerMaker, or RoomBuilder, using hotmelt – an 80 per cent bio-based material which is 75 per cent plant oil.”

Ultimately this 3D printed house will combine 13 rooms together, each room separately constructed by a 3D printer and then eventually placed together.

“The structure is scripted and this creates its proper strength but also generates ornament, and allows for new types of smart features, such as angled shading scripted to the exact solar angle. Each printed room consists of several parts, which are joined together as large Lego-like blocks. Both the outside façade and the interior are printed at once, in one element. Within the 3D printed walls are spares for connecting construction, cables, pipes, wiring etc.” – DUS Architects

(Source: DUS Architects – President Obama visiting Amsterdam)

So far an estimated 3,000 people have reportedly visited Amsterdam to see this great feat, including President Obama. Take a look for yourself by viewing the video below. The build is said to be completed in about 3 years from now.