CNN Money: Robots Will Replace Fast-Food Workers

Protester Holds Sign For Higher Wages

As many fast food workers around the country continue to protest about their minimum wage pay, many companies are finding more ways to reduce the number of human workers via new technology. According to CNN Money, in a few years many people will be replaced by self automated robots who are cheaper, yet more efficient than the average fast food worker.

[CNN Money Excerpt Via James O’ Toole]

–In a widely cited paper released last year, University of Oxford researchers estimated that there is a 92% chance that fast-food preparation and serving will be automated in the coming decades.

With artificial-intelligence technology like IBM’s (IBMFortune 500Watson platformmaking strides in advanced reasoning and language understanding, it’s not hard to see how robots could be designed to provide more sophisticated interactions with restaurant customers than kiosks can manage.

Delivery drivers could be replaced en masse by self-driving cars, which are likely to hit the market within a decade or two, or even drones. In food preparation, there are start-ups offering robots for bartending and gourmet hamburger preparation. A food processing company in Spain now uses robots to inspect heads of lettuce on a conveyor belt, throwing out those that don’t meet company standards, the Oxford researchers report.

Darren Tristano, a food industry expert with the research firm Technomic, said digital technology will “slowly, over time, create efficiency and labor savings” for restaurants. He guessed that work forces would only drop as a result by 5% or 10% at a maximum in the decades to come, however, given the expectations that customers have for the dining experience.–

In the last few months we’ve shared articles from Stephen Hawkings and Bill Gates who both said “Robots will soon take human jobs”. Now with another  recent article making the same claims, it’s definitely safe to say that humans better prepare for another market of job cuts coming soon. Artificial Intelligence is moving too fast for human society to adapt.