Use Carbohydrates As Your Natural Energy Boost!

carbohydratesThere are two types of carbohydrates (Carbs), Simple and Complex, that our body uses to make glucose. Glucose is actually the fuel that gives your brain energy and helps with our bodies endurance throughout the day.
-Complex Carbs: Are broken into two parts: 1. Starch, 2. Dietary Fibers
1.Starch: Is in certain vegetables like: potatoes, dry beans, peas, and corn.
2.Dietary Fibers: Are broken into two parts: 1. Soluble Fibers, 2. Insoluble Fibers.
1.Soluble Fibers: Include: oatmeal, nuts and seeds, most fruits, and whole grain foods.
2.Insoluble Fibers: Includes: whole wheat bread, brown rice, couscous, whole grain cereals, wheat bran, seeds, most vegetables, and some fruits.carbohydrates-examples

-Both types of dietary fibers have important health benefits, so make sure your daily intake consist of both fibers and not just one fiber group. Having a  diverse Carb diet is a good trait!

-Simple Carbs: Include sugars that are found in natural foods, as well as the sugar added to food for marketing purposes. Here is a list of some of the added food sugars that you will want to limit your servings to (per day):
• Brown sugar
• Lactose
• Maltose
• Dextrose (also a supplement you can add to your protein)
• Fructose
• High-fructose corn syrup
• Honey

-So, remember to eat the correct mixture of carbohydrates per day. If you incorporate this in your daily routine, you won’t only have more energy when you wake up in the morning, but you will sustain that energy much longer throughout the day!

Samuel Genung for Apex Skills & Performance