Worlds Oldest Living Man, 111 Years of Age!

Sakari Momoi
Shakari Momoi Receiving Guinness World Record Certificate

Two days ago the Guinness Book of World Records confirmed that Sakari Momoi became the oldest living man in the world at the age of 111 years & 197 days. Believe it or not, Momoi was actually catching up to Alexander Imich, who passed away this year in June at 111 years, 164 days. Sakari Momoi is a retired Japanese Teacher who was born on Feb 3rd, 1903 in the Fukushima prefecture. The Guinness book of World records held a televised ceremony where he was given a certificate for his accomplishment. When people asked his caretakers how he has managed to live so long, they said he “Keeps early hours & eats healthy.” Maybe it’s something in the water in Japan, which happens to be the fastest aging country in the world with an average life expectancy of 80 for men & 86 for women.  Japan currently has over 50,000 residents over 100