Lowe’s Robots Will Probably Replace Sales Assistants In The Near Future

Photo via Gizmag

A while back we brought you an article entitled “Artificial Intelligence Could Be Humans’ Worst Mistake in History”. Prompted by the great astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, Hawking discussed how the creation of Artificial Intelligence would soon replace human jobs ultimately leading to an unbalance in money and power. Unfortunately, no one has seriously taken heed to what Dr. Hawking has admitted. For instance, in the latest example of AI (artificial intelligence), two Oshbot robots built by Lowe’s Innovation Lab have begun trial testing at an Orchard Supply Hardware store in California. Based on how successful these “trial robots” perform, more hardware stores could see an increase of similar technology in the near future.

What does this mean for the average sales assistant who makes minimum wage? Do you think AI will be a problem for mankind? For more information check out the video below and visit Gizmag.