COBE x Køge North Station

COBE, a team comprising of designers DISSING+WEITLING and COWI, has been chosen to complete a major traffic hub within the Copenhagen area. Consisting of a pedestrian bridge, a railway station, an associated park and a ride facility, the ‘Køge North Station’ will serve as a major transport interchange where high-speed trains and freeways meet. Browse through the gallery below and visit here for more information on the project.COBE-dissing+weitling-cowi-køge-north-station-copenhagen-designboom-04 COBE-dissing+weitling-cowi-køge-north-station-copenhagen-designboom-03 COBE-dissing+weitling-cowi-køge-north-station-copenhagen-designboom-02 COBE-dissing+weitling-cowi-køge-north-station-copenhagen-designboom-01via DB