House in Japan x Suppose Design Office

Designed by Suppose Design Office, this home resides in the city of Otake, located in the Hiroshima Prefecture of Japan. Browse through the gallery below and visit the designer’s website for more information on the project.otake_140609_01 otake_140609_02 otake_140609_03 otake_140609_04 otake_140609_05 otake_140609_06 otake_140609_07 otake_140609_08 otake_140609_09 otake_140609_010 otake_140609_011 otake_140609_012 otake_140609_013 otake_140609_014 otake_140609_015 otake_140609_016 otake_140609_017 otake_140609_018 otake_140609_019 otake_140609_020 otake_140609_021 otake_140609_022 otake_140609_023 otake_140609_024 otake_140609_025 otake_140609_026 otake_140609_027 otake_140609_028 otake_140609_029 otake_140609_030 otake_140609_031