Tragic: 21 Year Old Male Kills 9 During Bible Study

Today in Charleston, South Carolina, a total of 9 people (3 men, 6 women) were confirmed dead due to gun inflicted injuries after a 21 year old white male, Dylann Storm Roof,  opened fired on a group of African Americans during bible study class. This massacre, said to be one of the largest church shootings in America, took place at a historically black church for local South Carolinians, the Emanuel AME church.

Dylann Storm shown wearing supremacy flags (via AP)

According to reports, Dylann Storm Roof was said to have walked in the church where prayer and fellowship were taking place last night at approximately 9PM. After about an hour into prayer, Dylann shot and killed 9 out of the 12 people present.


Local police and officials released a description of the alleged shooter around 5AM this morning.

After about 12 hours of searching, officials got a much needed tip from a local florist named Debbie Dills. Debbie was set to head to her job in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. However, after seeing a car that matched the previous description of Dylann Storm, Debbie Dills called her boss who then alerted the cops. According to Newsweek, Debbie Dills followed Dylann Roof in his car on the highway for about 35 miles until police caught up the alleged gunman.

Debbie Dills *the real MVP* via AP

Yesterday evening, officials apprehended Dylann Roof during a traffic stop. Officials found a .45 caliber pistol in Storm’s car. And though the public was glad that Storm had finally been captured, many voiced their concerns over the various similarities Dylann Roof shared with that of South Carolina’s  legislative (“General Assembly”).

Needless to say, yesterday’s tragic events only opened up another Pandora’s Box, of the long racial divide that has plagued America, more specifically the south. Dylann has since confessed that he intended on starting a “race war” by killing African Americans.

What are your thoughts about the current state of America and how do you think WE as a society of mixed creeds and nations should come together? Share your thoughts below.