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Chinese Woman Risks Life To Expose Truth About Coronavirus

With global news coming in from many media sources and outlets, covering the Coronavirus its difficult for anyone to actually separate fact and fictional news. At Product of Society we are here to deliver what […]

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Venezuela Protesters Clash During Session At Parliament

For the last several months, government and anti-government protesters have been clashing in the streets of Venezuela. Today, the clash was said to have been sparked by opposition politicians holding a session in parliament to […]

Costa Rica Goes 76 Days Straight On Renewable Energy

Costa Rica is leading by example as it relates to limiting fossil fuel usage & replacing it with sustainable energy. Per sciencealert.com For the past two months the small Central American country has managed to […]

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Egyptian Officials Confirms Flight 804 Crashed

Earlier yesterday morning a flight carrying 66 people (56 passengers/10 crew members) aboard EgyptAir suddenly turned up missing on radar after reaching an altitude of 37,000 feet. The plane departed around 11:30PM from Paris, France […]

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Germany Welcomes 8,000 Syrian Refugees

In hopes of dodging repercussions of the Syrian war, many families have traveled for weeks in hopes of being able to successfully migrate to European nations. Since 2011, approximately 4 million¬†Syrians have been forced out […]

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Tragic: 21 Year Old Male Kills 9 During Bible Study

Today in Charleston, South Carolina, a total of 9 people (3 men, 6 women) were confirmed dead due to gun inflicted injuries after a 21 year old white male, Dylann Storm Roof,¬† opened fired on […]

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BBC News: ‘New World Disorder’

While many of us (Americans) try to stay up-to-date with the various news reports happening locally and nationally, it’s easy for one to forget the various crises happening in our neighboring countries and continents. Shown […]