Morpholio Launches Design Tools for Apple’s Latest iPad Pro and Pencil

Morpholio has created two apps to maximize both the screen space and computing power, the ‘Trace Pro’ and ‘Board Pro.’ According to Design Boom, “the ‘Trace Pro’ delivers simplicity, fluidity, and delight of the architect’s iconic trace paper sketch combined with the intelligence, flexibility, and scaling of CAD… will drastically change how creatives work: fluidly between media, and across devices – mobile and desktop together. ” Check out the accompanying video below:

Design Boom states, “The ‘Board Pro’ brings skill and pleasure of the designer’s presentation board with the intelligence, flexibility, and curation of pinterest.” Checkout the live preview below:

Visit Morpholio’s website and/or Design Boom for more information.morpholio-trace-board-applications-ipad-pro-designboom-02-818x614 morpholio-trace-board-applications-ipad-pro-designboom-03-818x614 morpholio-trace-board-applications-ipad-pro-designboom-04-818x614 morpholio-trace-board-applications-ipad-pro-designboom-05-818x614 morpholio-trace-board-applications-ipad-pro-designboom-06-818x593 morpholio-trace-board-applications-ipad-pro-designboom-07-818x613 morpholio-trace-board-applications-ipad-pro-designboom-09-818x613 morpholio-trace-board-applications-ipad-pro-designboom-10-818x613

via designboom