Office O Architects (OOA) – Villa MQ in Belgium

Designed by Belgian studio Office O Architects (OOA), this villa is located in Tremelo, Belgium. Browse through the gallery below and visit the designer’s website for more information on the project/work.

OOA_villamq_db_01 OOA_villamq_db_02 OOA_villamq_db_03 OOA_villamq_db_04 OOA_villamq_db_07 OOA_villamq_db_08 OOA_villamq_db_09 OOA_villamq_db_10 OOA_villamq_db_11 OOA_villamq_db_13 OOA_villamq_db_12 OOA_villamq_db_14 OOA_villamq_db_15