President Obama Signs Bill That Requires GMO Labeling

For the first time in history, genetically modified ingredients will require visible labeling on the majority of foods and items sold in the U.S. This event comes as a result of President Obama signing the Monsanto Protection Act on July 29, 2016.

The bill is said to take place within the next two years allowing the USDA to draw out specific laws and requirements. Some anti-GMO advocates aren’t happy with Obama’s signing because they believe the bill allows too much ambiguity amongst the USDA & food companies. For example, if the USDA allows it, merely a symbol can be used to deem a food as “genetically modified” which can be overlooked by the average consumer. On the other hand, many GMO advocates are upset with the bill because they state no factual evidence supporting genetically modified plants or foods causes health risks or concerns. Ultimately, GMO advocates state that this bill can have a negative affect for consumers who see GMO labeling present on the foods they regularly eat.

Regardless of where you stand on the line of GMO labeling, I think it’s important that the average consumer is alerted or notified of the foods they consume. Likewise, though a GMO Label (such as a symbol) isn’t ideal for anti-GMO advocates, it is a much needed start. Moreover, for the GMO advocates who didn’t want the bill to pass, tough luck. The American consumer has always been a victim of misconstrued food laws and as a result the nation suffers from an obesity problem. As a result, as aforementioned, WE should have the right to know what we consume daily and the passing of the Monsanto Protection Act is our first step.