Meet Candace Crowder: California Esthetician Educates & Consults Clients While Managing Her Own Spa!

The state of California has one of the largest GDP’s not solely in America, but in the  entire world. Within this state lies the historical thriving market of Southern California; a lucrative region now vastly ran by movie, music, and media corporations. Many years ago an aspiring entrepreneur may have had more opportunity creating their own business from scratch in a place like Los Angeles. However, in the 21st century, with more competition and major corporations attempting to steal business from local entrepreneurs,  it takes a special type of confidence and tenacity to accomplish running your own company, especially in the world of skin care.

This week Product of Society has the pleasure of introducing Candace Crowder, an educator  and gifted esthetician who has been successfully running her own Facial Spa  in Glendale, California.

After attending the Cao School of Esthetics (a Paul Mitchell Partner School) Candace became a licensed esthetician in 2011. Candace furthered her education through the International Dermal Institute (IDI), Universal Companies, JB Lash, and countless hours of private training partnerships with top Estheticians and skincare in Los Angeles. Ultimately this lead to the birth of Great Skin By Candace in 2012 and her actual spa opening in 2016.

image via Great Skin By Candace

So let’s get started! At what age did you know you wanted to become an entrepreneur and run on your own business?

“I was 27 years old at skin care school and for my  final project BEFORE GRADUATION we had to create our own spa and present it. unfortunately when teams were picked for the final assignment I was absent that day, so ultimately i had to CREATE a spa by myself. and from that day, it made me want to create something so great SINCE I FULLY IN CONTROL OF THE FINAL PROJECT AND SINCE I WASN’T CHOSEN BY ANY group “.

What did you want to do differently from traditional spas or skin care services?

What I stress more is the education of teaching about the everyday skin care basis and not thinking so much about the profit. I may not tell the patient too much information initially when setting up appointments (due to it being a client consulting service), however, some of my skin services sound very much like a skin care class, For example: “Why do you use steam during treatment? To open up pores”.

I feel like in most spas, they provide services but the consumer doesn’t know what they are actually getting. A facial is more in depth than a spa, and I think thats what I bring differently, the fact that I stress the basic and critical knowledge of skin care inside and outside of the facial room.

Location of Great Skin By Candace: 100 S. Maryland Ave Ste. 101 Glendale CA, 91205

What has been your hardest task as an entrepreneur?

The most difficult task is separating your passion and expectations of supporters. Having to understand even your friends and family don’t necessarily count as consistent clientele. I had to understand that I was going through the trial and error phase in real time when initially beginning.

What has been your most rewarding task as an esthetician?

Opportunity for growth and range in all aspects. I have the autonomy of doing a Mothers day event, I can change to another form of skin care, I can become a dermatologist. Skin care has allowed me to maneuver in any way my heart desires, it has helped me educate my community, especially the black community, and provide them affordable services. When you work for someone else you can’t really live out your dreams, the time isn’t available and things are rarely in your control. In my profession I can work anywhere in skin care (cruise ships, hotels, private island, classrooms (teaching).

via Great Skin By Candace

Do you have any major future plans with your company?

Yes! Great Skin by Candace is looking forward to expanding in spa and skin care consulting. Also creating more luxurious and grand spa locations.

via Great Skin By Candace


What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make a career as an esthetician and running their own spa?

Find your niche and try to perfect it before branching out. to accomplish perfection , find a mentor and a find personal educator instead of paying for an expensive class. There’s so many routes you can go in skin care so find that specific person or entity in your town that will help you! Approach them humbly and put in your 10,000 hours.

Work. Work. work!

until you feel like you’ve perfected it. I feel like I’ve perfected my Facials which will always be my bread and butter so understanding your best business strengths will help in this aspect of building your own company.

Product of Society would like to thank Candace Crowder for sharing her platform of skin care with us. The Pasadena, California resident can be reached via her Instagram business page or her personal website