Amazon Go Is Now Open For the Public!

For the first time ever, Amazon Go was made public for Seattle residents yesterday morning. The artificially intelligent design allows customers with the Amazon Go app to “shop and go” without any delay of stopping at a register for checkout purposes. Using AI tech and sensory tech, customers are able to walk in and out with their grocery items while the bill is simutaneously applied to one’s account immediately upon leaving the store.

While we love progressive technology,  it should be noted that a technology that can produce a demand without use of potential employment (in this case ‘cashier’) isn’t always the most needed in our society. We aren’t saying Amazon Go is the problem, however, as more stores adopt to “self checkout” lines and now “self checkout” stores, where will more jobs be created for the new jobs now being replaced? Artificial Intelligence is our best friend and our worst enemy.

What do you think about new tech that is quickly replacing human labor?