Self-Driving Car Kills Pedestrian (Video)

An unfortunate incident involving Uber’s self-driving vehicle and a pedestrian occurred two days ago in Tempe, Arizona. As shown in the video below, the pedestrian can be seen illegally crossing a dark path and getting hit by a fast moving vehicle. Though the self driving vehicle had a passenger present (behind the wheel), he wasn’t able to react fast enough due to not paying attention.

After skimming through the comments on the youtube video, it looks like the general consensus is that the “woman is at fault”. Even if I can agree that the lady shouldn’t have “jaywalked”, death shouldn’t be the result! I cannot fault a person for making a human error. What I can fault, however, is that AI technology isn’t ready to be on the road. It is clear that AI is still unable to react to human errors. Yes I understand human error has resulted in human death. And for this reason I believe we need to tighten driving signs and skills without AI being involved first!

How do you feel about this situation?