Why Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger Needs to Be Charged With Felony Murder!

 Many ill notion humans want to believe Dallas PD’s version that police officer Amber Guyger ” mistakenly went to the wrong apartment”. Or “wait till we hear all of the facts”. The aforementioned quotes are just consistent excuses that help manipulate a case that doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out.  With any case, especially dealing with cops, we like to provide facts so that many can decide on their own what actually transpired.

Undisputed facts

  • Each apartment requires a key fob before allowing access into one’s house
  • A warrant was issued for Manslaughter, but the Texas Rangers revoked the warrant
  • Amber Guyger incident can definitely be deemed as a first degree felony murder. But why?
    • Guyger knew she wasn’t at the right apartment due to aforementioned key fob
    • She had a weapon
    • Therefore she had break in or was let in though knowing she wasn’t at her apartment
    • She paced back and forth attempting to get into the apartment before hand
    • She killed Botham Jean in a home that looks nothing like her own (because it wasn’t)
  • There is no statute of limitation for Murder in Texas
  • Amber Guyger is currently on paid leave