Michigan Man Exposes Major Flaw In America’s Voting Machines!

As someone who loves the progression of technology and data, it should always be noted that NUMBERS CAN ALWAYS BE MANIPULATED. Honestly, I’m surprised more videos as such haven’t come forth. The millions and billions of dollars spent on our elections aren’t directed to security and the ethical purposes of voting, instead it’s used for mass marketing, inundated emails, and campaign parties. As a result, a weak infrastructure allows easy access to people who want to be malicious.

In this video, a brave lad shows how to manipulate a voting machine in Michigan in less than 3 minutes! This is exactly why me and many others are looking toward blockchain and smart contracts. Blockchain data and smart contracts placed in the form of voting system will allow complete transparency in a government that has been an enigma for many reasons. This is definitely an interesting video that I’m sure will raise some eyebrows in the months to come. Check it out and let us know what you think!