Facebook To Merge Instagram, Messenger & WhatsApp

Instagram was acquired by Facebook for $1 Billion in 2012. Two years later WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook for $14 Billion. The internet phenomenon and social media app has been on quite a run. From its new integration of “promotions” and “boosts” on Facebook business pages, to integrating a payment system and creating LIVE Video chat. Eliminating competition is all Mark Zuckerberg knows.

In recent news Zuckerberg has announced the latest major change underway. Facebook messenger will be integrated on all Facebook owned platforms (WhatsApp & Instagram) which will allow cross messaging (despite being on separate apps).

We think this could good for many reasons:

  • Online Business
  • Communication
  • Cryptocurrency

We think this could also be BAD for one major reason:

  • Sharing of your data (messages)


Ultimately, messenger integrating with these major social mediums will have pros and cons. Despite future anticipation of public pushback, Zuckerberg and company know that millions of people cannot live without these applications and thus will continue to make the changes he sees fit.

Whether you agree with this move or not, one should look at all aspects because data will be more centralized when using these various platforms. Centralization hasn’t been the best method for our society and thus decentralization is what me and like minded people are pushing for.

Let us know what you think!