Meet Branden Thompson: Co-Founder of Millennial Wealth Management Organization Trade HOUSE

The internet is a forever expanding industry that no longer has been solely limited to computers and laptops. Thanks to progressive technology like cloud computing platforms and LTE software, our phones now have the same functionality as a computer. Therefore, one of biggest components of a Smart Phone is the ability to use the internet and internet based applications (usually integrated for Apple and Android).

Since the inception of apps, social mediums like Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter have seen user engagement and subscription skyrocket. Millions of people  around the world visit these and other apps (gaming, sports, dating, etc) daily. As a result, time is inevitably traded for the luxury of entertainment, laughs, or news updates. And though these are all prerogatives of the sole user of a phone, very few have as much importance as the skills utilized by trading applications taught by Branden Thompson. One of the perks of Trade HOUSE is having a mentor to teach you and others how to use trading platforms within the organization. One of the trading apps first introduced is META TRADER an electronic trading platform widely used by online retail foreign exchange speculative trader” (META Quotes Software Corp).

Why is this important?

Well, as aforementioned  most phone apps are trading YOUR TIME FOR ENTERTAINMENT. In Layman’s terms this means the same companies you subscribe to or visit on your phone are leveraging your “hits” and hours of engagement for revenue (Advertisements, Sponsors, investors). Most phone users don’t know about financial markets nor the trading apps that exist. As a result trading in financial markets is often looked at as an “Ivy League” skill. Unfortunately, the same group of  people unaware of trading apps are usually those that are not making money straight from their phones. Data shows that only 1-3% of the world is aware of this “Ivy League” skill. The “Ivy League” skill Branden Thompson has successfully mastered is called FOREX, an acronym for the Foreign Exchange Market; the largest Financial market in the world.

Within only two years of it’s inception, Trade HOUSE (a wealth management organization) has grown to 5,000 active members. And despite the overwhelming growth,  various leaders of Trade HOUSE take turns explaining META TRADER amongst many other apps during the on boarding process of joining their wealth management group . In fact, the cofounders and Branden are actively engaging daily to help mentor and coach new members who join their wealth management group regardless of one’s location or age. With Trade HOUSE becoming so monumental, it was important for us to learn more about the foreign exchange market and determine why Trade HOUSE has been so successful within a short time span.As a result, Product of Society has the pleasure of sitting down with Branden Thompson to learn more about FOREX and the Trade HOUSE brand.


Branden is a native Houstonian who graduated from Prairie View University with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Post graduation Branden had successfully landed a career with a major Aerospace design and Electrical manufacturing company where he was moved to Los Angeles as one of the youngest engineers on site.

So Branden can you tell us a little bit more about Trade HOUSE and why has it been so successful thus far?

” Trade House is a network of leaders, whose mission and vision is to enlighten the masses about financial literacy, especially in the foreign exchange market.

Trade House has been successful because of key leaders and increase exposure to multiple college campuses. Our organization has the best and brightest college students making money straight from their phone. I think this is pretty crazy considering I learned about FOREX out of college. When one thinks about college you have to consider how much time and wasted money is spent. Therefore, as more college students become familiarized with FOREX many of them are learning while still in school. The beauty about this skill is that you can end up making more than your college professor. In fact, we have many college members doing just that within Trade HOUSE! ”

That’s pretty crazy, especially considering I didn’t find about the foreign exchange market till I left college as well. For those that aren’t familiar, can you explain what Forex is and who all can trade within the FOREX market?

 “FOREX is short for Foreign Exchange market. It consists of roughly $5 Trillion worth of volatility. As a result it is currently the largest financial market in the world! Money is ultimately made in the exchange of leveraging one currency pegged against another currency (from a different country). As a trader we use technical analysis and practices to determine whether selected currency pairs will gain or lose momentum. The beauty of the FOREX market is that it is open 24 hours 7 days a week. FOREX trading which was once limited to only the wealthy and banks are now accessible to anyone with a smart phone! “

That’s dope considering how the internet is so young, yet changing the dynamics of every industry including finance. Why would you say having a second income from FOREX is important in today’s economy?

” In 2019 it’s imperative to make money in markets where you don’t have to depend on others. Trading allows users like ourselves to determine what trades we want to make and ultimately make money in our sleep. If you have one source of income and don’t have a skillset in present day America, within the next few years you can possibly go broke. “

Interesting point, so would you say some people trade full time?

 ” That’s a weird question to answer because I would say people are LIVING full time, rather than trading. Trading allows us the freedom to live how we please. All we do as traders is use our knowledge and previous data to execute trades. When people ask me similar questions they usually equate trading to working 40hrs a week. I can trade a few minutes out of the day and be done. It all depends on the type trade or trader you want to be. Whether it’s forex, cryptocurrency , or your job the same principles apply, ” there’s no timeframe for profitability”.”

Who are some of the youngest and oldest traders within your organizations and how successful have they been?

 ” One of the youngest leaders in our organization is my brother Bryce Thompson. Though he just graduated college, he is already Chairman 50 bringing in over $50,000 a month excluding profits from trades. The oldest I would say is my grandmother who has had consistent days of bringing in over $100 a day. Our organization has high schoolers, engineers, athletes, entrepreneurs, doctors, and pretty much every type of profession you can think of. Age and profession don’t make you a good trader. Perseverance and learning the skills and patience of trades make you successful. ”

Brandon & Bryce securing a property in Texas #FOREXFUNDED

Do you see yourself trading Forex long term?

 ” Oh most definitely! I don’t think I’ll ever stop trading FOREX. Maybe i’ll slow down, but never stop all out. “

If FOREX is so important why don’t many people know about this skill?

“The reason FOREX isn’t wildly talked about is the same reason it’s deemed an “Ivy League” skill; it reflects the 1%. The 1-3% of people that make up traders in the world are a reflection of the 1% of wealthy individuals who only teach their friends and family this “niche skill”. By doing so, money is kept within the family and other groups usually miss out on these type of opportunities.

Think about it. Why would the 1% want to share a skill with the other 99%? The 1% want to keep people dependent on their business and their models so the employees work can bring in more money than what they are getting compensated for from the employer. forex is doing the opposite and allowing traders the money to spend our time outside of a traditional 9-5″

product of society would like to thank branden & Tradehouse for stopping by and dropping major gems for the culture! if you would like  to stay in contact or learn how to trade forex, feel free to contact branden -> here