$48 Million To Be Spent On Michigan High School To “Prevent” Future Mass Shooter

While there have been many topics of discussion to prevent future mass shootings in America (especially those amongst educational premises), Fruitpoint High School (Fruitport, Michigan) looks to be a prototype for what may come from future school districts.

According to Insider.com, the small city has committed to raising $48M to reconstruct their school with hidden zones called “Shadow Zones”. Reports indicate that these “Shawdow Zones” and curved hallways will make it significantly more difficult for one to get hit from bullets thanks to the protruding walls and barriers.

Though we can applaud city efforts to thwart future shootings, we should also pay close attention to the amount of money being spent on an idea that isn’t necessarily full-proof nor that dynamic. Humans are emotional/prideful creatures and if one thing is for certain it’s that they will find a way to go around a system in place to execute their hatred to hurt others. As a result, $48M being spent on architecture rather than mental health screenings, psychiatric analysis, or etc. seems very passive. In fact, it seems like a perfect way to pay a few contractors a healthy fee “in hopes” of stopping a possible future catastrophe.

The prototype of a small high school like Fruitpoint raising $48M may be ominous of what’s to come from many school districts in America. The main focus, however, shouldn’t be on the design of a building, but rather the competency and mentality of the local citizens. If we continue to “beat around the bush” and raise funds for entities that can’t truly derail a mass shooter, what really is the point of raising millions for school sanctioned reconstruction?

Let us know if you agree or disagree with Fruitpoint’s preventative steps to building a $48 Million high school.