The Hollingsworth Cannabis Company, How A Family Business Became Successful During the ‘Green Boom’!

With plans of one day creating generational wealth, Joy and Raft Hollingsworth convinced their parents in 2012 to invest in an acre of land located in Seattle, Washington. Joy and Raft’s request of land wasn’t simply arbitrary, but rather an immediate response to the legality of cannabis sweeping the West Coast by storm. Likewise, the Hollingsworth family needed real estate to have adequate space to farm and cultivate cannabis.

Known for their cultivation of potent strands and hydroponic style of growing, The Hollingsworth Cannabis Co. (THC Co.) has had much success which have led them on covers of business magazines and featured on various websites including their most recent article with HIGHTIMES.

[Excerpt – HIGH TIMES]- The Hollingsworths now see their work as an opportunity to inspire others. That includes the industry at-large as well as minority owners. The family believes there should be more minority-owned cannabis ventures. Raft mentioned the the farm’s location being just a mile from the largest prison in the state. 

Later in the conversation he added, “You’re not seeing that restorative justice and social equity in the cannabis industry right now and people should wake up to that.” 

Raft also touched on financial barriers affecting people of color. “Generationally that’s something that has not been allowed to African Americans and minorities because of systemic racism and oppression and you know, wealth transfers.”

Despite limitations, Raft sees a chance for people to change their circumstances. “I think this is an opportunity economically for a lot of people to establish something and create something for their family generationally.” 

What we like about the Hollingworth’s story (via HIGH TIMES)  is that it addresses a successful business in a burgeoning industry like Cannabis, despite the lack of minorities actually running a cannabis industry. This is important because historical data show that minorities (especially black people) have been disenfranchised at larger rates than their counterparts when being placed behind bars or given felonies over marijuana usage. Moreover, in terms of  cannabis usage all cultures are shown to use cannabis at similar rates.

To learn more about the Hollingsworth family, make sure to check out their article on HIGH TIMES and make sure to visit their website here!