YelloPain x My Vote Don’t Count [Official Video]

Dayton Ohio’s YelloPain delivers an important message and video through his latest track My Vote Don’t Count. The song shows the dichotomy of the inner city struggle versus the lack of citizens who actually understand our gov and actually vote on a local level. Every four years most Americans know that a presidential election takes place and it’s presence is usually overshadowed by news and rallies of the incumbent versus debates and stories of rival candidates. And though the media and news outlets do a good job of helping presidential elections get a lot of coverage, it ultimately is up to American citizens to understand how this works. YelloPain does a great job explaining/breaking down this complex process (voting system) over bars and rhymes within his song. I think it’s imperative video to drop at this time because it goes against the latest trend of rap music , however, adds another level of diversity when understanding just how vast rap music can be stretched to indicate an important message. Unbeknownst to some, this is what true lyricism is all about.

Check out YelloPain’s video My Vote Don’t Count and let us know what you think!