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Is VP Kamala Harris’ Latest Remarks On Immigration Hypocritical?

After campaigning on the importance of building the “American Dream” and pushing for equal access to America “for all cultures”, Vice President Kamala Harris now is singing a different tune. In her first foreign visit […]

FBI Investigating Nashville Explosion

Yesterday on Christmas morning Nashville, Tennessee made national news after confirming a series of explosives detonated around 6:30AM. Today, federal experts share some of the possible motives of this attack and how they will move […]

Republicans Block Attempt To Pass $2,000 Stimulus Check

A few days ago Congress finally agreed to a new $900B stimulus bill to serve as relief for American citizens and their businesses. The new stimulus bill stated that American citizens would receive a direct […]

US State Department Orders Chinese Consulate to Close Immediately!

With tensions already high due to a recent trade war, sanctions, and theories of how Covid-19 has spread, Chinese/US relations have recently taken another blow. Yesterday, the US announced that they would abruptly be closing […]

Paul Manafort Released Very Early From Jail

If things didn’t seem crooked enough after Michael Flynn and aide Paul Manafort were sentenced to prison in 2018, wait till you find out why both Michael Flynn (being considered) and Paul Manafort are released […]

YelloPain x My Vote Don’t Count [Official Video]

Dayton Ohio’s YelloPain delivers an important message and video through his latest track My Vote Don’t Count.¬†The song shows the dichotomy of the inner city struggle versus the lack of citizens who actually understand our […]

House Committee Passes Historic Bill Legalizing Marijuana On Federal Level

  In recent news the House Committee voted unanimously (24 to 10) that a historical bill legalizing marijuana can be drafted to vote on. Though many believe this bill will pass amongst Congress¬† (where Democrats […]