El Salvador Becomes First Country To Make Bitcoin Legal Tender

El Salvadorian President Nayib Bukele has been praised for his reformative stance on finance and agriculture for his country. However, his most recent stance on Bitcoin has inevitably placed Nayib Bukele into a lane of his own. The decision to make El Salvador the first country to accept the cryptocurrency Bitcoin as legal tender is risky (historically speaking). A risk that many country leaders would rather not voice their concern about. However, it is for this reason we believe he’s one of the most progressive leaders of our time. Nayib Bukele isn’t waiting for approval from other countries. He understands the tech behind cryptocurrency and the climate of his people. Likewise, he’s taking a calculated risk to help reform his country’s economics and life. The same people who’ve taken a personal risk on Bitcoin have arguably invested in the best asset class of our time. Since it’s inception Bitcoin has over a $15M% ROI. Yes you’ve read that correctly. As a result, more people (governments especially) should be more like Nayib Bukele and understand the future of currency is going digital!