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El Salvador Becomes First Country To Make Bitcoin Legal Tender

El Salvadorian President Nayib Bukele has been praised for his reformative stance on finance and agriculture for his country. However, his most recent stance on Bitcoin has inevitably placed Nayib Bukele into a lane of […]

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Bitcoin Rallies towards 60K after Elon Musk Dumps $1.5 Billion into Bitcoin Purchase!

In recent news, Bitcoin soared to new all time highs $58,000 (Coinmarketcap.com) after Tesla CEO Elon Musk  announced that Tesla had invested at $1.5B when Bitcoin was approximately $42,000 per BTC. Though progressive CEOs like […]

Bitcoin Crushes Previous All Time High Record, $25,000 Next!

It feels like 2017 all over again. Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency which once started under $0.30 back in 2009 has now reached an all time high of $23,000 two days ago. This deflationary asset has […]

Industry Money Continues to Affirm Bitcoin’s Demand In the Future

Since 2015 we’ve been discussing Bitcoin and the revolutionary utilization that this and other cryptocurrencies will have on future generations. After 5 years, the world is starting to acknowledge wide spread adoption of Bitcoin as […]

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Microstrategy Buys $250M Worth of Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency is time sensitive. Due to the fundamental principles of most cryptocurrencies being deflationary, early investors have leverage and even less risk than investors and later adopters of popular cryptocurrencies. In recent news publicly traded Microstrategy […]

“Why I buy Bitcoin and Ether for 160,000 USD A Month” x Niklas Nikolajsen

The best performing asset last decade wasn’t real estate, it wasn’t gold, it wasn’t the S&P 500; it was Bitcoin. The sheep who claim Bitcoin is “too volatile” are merely puppets who haven’t done their own research. […]

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NBA Guard Spencer Dinwiddie To Use $34M Contract To Convert Into Bitcoin

Since 2009, Bitcoin has been the face of the global cryptocurrency push and expansion. The blockchain based digital token is one that has fueled many conversations on it’s utilization and overall functionality within the financial […]