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Is VP Kamala Harris’ Latest Remarks On Immigration Hypocritical?

After campaigning on the importance of building the “American Dream” and pushing for equal access to America “for all cultures”, Vice President Kamala Harris now is singing a different tune. In her first foreign visit […]

REASON x Field Nigga [Official Video]

Produced by Nabeyin & Keyel TDE Films/Top Dawg Entertainment Video Directed by Jon Primo TDE’s REASON is back with a powerful message just in time for the historic day of #Juneteenth. For those that aren’t […]

Dr. Claud Anderson Joins Breakfast Club To Discuss America’s Race Based Society & PowerNomics

Definitely the best video I’ve ever seen from the Breakfast Club. Dr. Claud Anderson is a historian and economist that easily articulates the reason many Black Americans in this country have never been able to […]

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A Message To All NFL Owners: F*ck Yo Apologies, We Don’t Believe You!

  At a senatorial rally taking place in Alabama last Friday, Donald Trump decided that it was smart to pour alcohol on an open wound, which essentially will continue to divide America at a rapid […]

Black Officer Quits After Deeming Police Department Too Racist!

Alexis Roberts is an ex-cop who recently has gone viral on Facebook for his genuine message about how he felt local police counties in Georgia handled his discrimination inquiries as well implicit bias inquiries from […]