Black Officer Quits After Deeming Police Department Too Racist!

Alexis Roberts is an ex-cop who recently has gone viral on Facebook for his genuine message about how he felt local police counties in Georgia handled his discrimination inquiries as well implicit bias inquiries from officers among the department. These biases stem from letting people of certain stature off the hook (i.e. city council) to over policing in minority communities (i.e. a car full of black teens). And though we have thousands of obvious evidence of this happening from a citizens point of view, no greater testament can come from that other than an ex-cop who provides coincidentally the same exact type of testimony minorities of this country have been saying and with even more factual evidence.

Alexis Roberts testimony is very important because though African Americans make up only 12% of the population, we make up the #1 ethnicity of mass incarceration in the world! Why? Well history will show the economic tag that is providing with locking people up in this country and Alexis Roberts testimony on ticket quotas (provided in this video) further proves the economic agenda behind most counties in this country.

Despite this video being new, we already can guarantee you non-minorities will deem Roberts as a “rogue” cop or something other than the person he has shown us to be, which is genuine. We realize it’s not easy to not only take a stand, but put yourself out there via video to provide more examples of a system that has stacked itself against minorities in this country. Please watch and share!