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US Gov Loans Kodak $765M To Create Medicine, Stock Soars Over 1500% In One Day!

Just a day before the largest tech companies release their quarterly earnings, Kodak sporadically surfaced in the news after acquiring a $765 Million loan from the United States government. The loan was given to facilitate […]

Officer Aaron Dean Charged With Murder of Atatatiana Jefferson, Now Free On Bond

Officer Aaron Dean was granted a $200,000 bail amount last week after receiving the murder charge of 28 year old Atatiana Jefferson. Within five hours of being placed in jail Aaron Dean (who had then […]

Footage Released Of Officer Gunning Down Jemel Roberson For No Reason

Jemel Roberson was working as a Security Guard at a local bar outside of Chicago when a shooting incident took place. While police were dispatched and on the way to the scene, Jemel had already […]

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Why Donald Trump Will Attack Jay-Z On Twitter, But Never Eminem!

“except when it comes to having the balls to go against me, you hide em!” Detroit rapper Eminem had one of the hardest BET cyphers ever performed last year. And while many will debate me […]

HBO: “Charlottesville Race and Terror” x Vice News [Video]

A few days ago, the world witnessed another example of current race relations in America. And though many people were surprised by the collective union of white supremacist (nazis, KKK, etc.) rallying on the campus […]

Philando Castile’s Mother Reacts To Acquittal Of Officer Jeronimo Yanez

With yet another obvious example of justice unserved, Minnesota Officer Jeronimo Yanez was acquitted last week for the murder of Philando Castile. In a press conference after the judgement, Philando Castile’s mother let the public […]