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58 Palestinians Dead, 2700 Palestinians Injured In Gaza Strip Massacre

“Big day for Israel. Congratulations”, were the words tweeted by Trump before one of the biggest massacres in the Gaza Strip since 2014. Israel was said to have injured 2700 and killed 58 Palestinians by […]

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Venezuela Protesters Clash During Session At Parliament

For the last several months, government and anti-government protesters have been clashing in the streets of Venezuela. Today, the clash was said to have been sparked by opposition politicians holding a session in parliament to […]

Russian Ambassador To Turkey Assassinated

“A gunman shot and killed Russia’s ambassador to Turkey Monday at an art exhibition in Ankara, Russia’s foreign ministry said. Ambassador Andrey Karlov was giving a speech at the opening ceremony of a photo exhibit […]

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Egyptian Officials Confirms Flight 804 Crashed

Earlier yesterday morning a flight carrying 66 people (56 passengers/10 crew members) aboard EgyptAir suddenly turned up missing on radar after reaching an altitude of 37,000 feet. The plane departed around 11:30PM from Paris, France […]

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Terrorist Kill 128 People In Brutal Paris Attack

Just 10 months  after the devastating attacks on the Charlie Hedbo office, Paris is back in International news due to something much worse. Yesterday evening, terrorist ( who claim to have ties with IS) detonated explosives, shot […]

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Cop Fired After Assaulting Spring Valley High School Student

This week national and international news covered the horrific story of school police officer (Ben Fields) dragging a young black girl out of her desk and onto the ground to be arrested. The incident is […]