Terrorist Kill 128 People In Brutal Paris Attack

Just 10 months  after the devastating attacks on the Charlie Hedbo office, Paris is back in International news due to something much worse. Yesterday evening, terrorist ( who claim to have ties with IS) detonated explosives, shot up local restaurants, and took hostages at a local concert hall in an unruly act to cause havoc  in Europe.

Locations of Killings via CNN

—- ” La Belle Equipe, 92 rue de Charonne, 11th district – at least 19 dead in gun attacks

Le Carillon bar and Le Petit Cambodge restaurant at rue Alibert, 10th district – at least 12 dead in gun attacks

La Casa Nostra restaurant, 92 rue de la Fontaine au Roi, 11th district – at least 5 dead in gun attacks

Stade de France, St Denis, just north of Paris – explosions heard outside venue, three attackers dead

Bataclan concert venue, 50 boulevard Voltaire, 11th district – stormed by several gunmen, at least 80 dead “— Via BBC News

via TimesOfIsrael

The attacks are said to come in response to the French allowing Syrian refugees to enter their communities after millions fled for safety to European countries. Since this horrific act, 128 people have been confirmed dead, 180 people still remain injured. Officials state that a total of 8 terrorist have died (7 via suicide explosives, 1 shot). The biggest attack was said to have happened at a concert hall where young Parisians were enjoying a Rock concert. This vile act has since stunned the community of Paris and the world. Paris, a city historically known for peace and the romantics, has now stopped flights into the city, cut off all borders, businesses, and has citizens on a mandated curfew.  French president François Hollande has brought 1500 military personnel to control local territories.

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