Venezuela Protesters Clash During Session At Parliament

For the last several months, government and anti-government protesters have been clashing in the streets of Venezuela. Today, the clash was said to have been sparked by opposition politicians holding a session in parliament to act against current President Nicolas Maduro. Once discovered that this act was taking place at Parliament, protesters marched to the doors with fireworks and  sticks to disrupt the meeting.

President Nicolas Maduro via AP

Maduro has been criticized for the current economic problems plaguing the country. However, Maduro has criticized western-capiltalism or U.S. backed conspiracies as the problem that has lead his country into this current condition. Sadly, only the citizens of Venezuela know what’s truly going on because as an American we can only report what is shown via the Internet or news.


Currently the death toll from these clashes have risen to 91. We hope some type of common ground can be established before more blood is shed in Venezuela.

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