NY Giants Star Receiver Helps Bullied Teen Overcome Adversity

NFL: New Orleans Saints at New York GiantsNew York Giants Wide Receiver, Victor Cruz,  was recently featured on the USA Network for his incredible service of helping a bullied teen, Joey Kemmerling (19). Joey has been bullied since he “came out” as a middle school student (towlerroad.com). As a result, being in a setting such as a locker room, has left ” pain and rejection”. Though it took some time, Joey eventually turned his pain and rejection into something positive. Today he leads an anti-bullying organization and has been a spokesperson for young people. Featured on the USA Network, Victor Cruz is shown taking Joey into a place he feared most, a locker room. However, only this time Joey had the grand opportunity of going to the New York Giants Locker Room.

P.O.S. would like to thank Victor Cruz for his service and compassion. Regardless of one’s orientation, everyone is still a product of society. Having biases against someone who is not like you should make you reflect on what type of person you are/wish to become. Best of luck to Mr. Kemmerling.

(Kemmerling Shown L) (Cruz shown R)