PEAK Fitness and Performance: Meet The Medina’s!


This week, Product of Society is excited to bring you our newest entrepreneur duo, Taylor & Jackie Medina. Based out of Houston, Texas the Medina family specializes in fitness exercises and techniques. With over 20 years of experience and a mother of three, Jackie Medina is an expert of balancing a healthy family and fitness life. Also her daughter, Taylor Medina, has her own blog (Taylormedina77) that incorporates beauty, fitness, style and music. Check out the Medina’s site for further inquiries and general information about their intricate workouts.

About PEAK Fitness and Performance Summary:

“PEAK Fitness and Performance was created to help clients develop exercise habits for a lifetime by utilizing cutting edge exercise techniques to deliver maximum results. The approach is based on the Integrated Training approach which encompasses all forms of training to produce specific adaptations through Flexibility, Cardiorespiratory, Stabilization (Core, Balance, and Reactive Training), Speed, Agility and Quickness and Resistance Training.


PEAK Trainers are certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and TRX.  Our focus is on introducing fitness newbies, young and more seasoned athletes to the OPT Model (Optimal Performance Training). Individuals will be evaluated for common muscle weaknesses or overactive muscles that inhibit daily functional activities or sports performance and can or have led to injury. PEAK Fitness and Performance specialty is sport specific training for youths along with the more seasoned athletes, brand new exercise enthusiast, and any individual who is serious about making optimal fitness a lifestyle.”


Contact Info:
Peak Fitness and Performance, LLC.