Stephen Hawking: ‘Artificial Intelligence Could Be Humans Worst Mistake In History’

In relation to Johnny Depp’s newest movie, Transcendence, globally renowned astro-physicist Stephen Hawking explains why the growing success of artificial intelligence is detrimental to our society.

“Success in creating AI would be the biggest event in human history… Unfortunately, it might also be the last, unless we learn how to avoid the risks.”

You see, even for people who aren’t as brilliant as Dr. Hawking, it’s easy to see examples of growing artificial intelligence in present day society. Take IBM’s Watson computer for instance. The artificially intelligent designed machine took first place in Jeopardy’s 2011 season. Though some would think winning $1Million via Jeopardy was the most important focus about Watsonthe real issue at hand is that machines are not only being created to answer “natural language” questions, they are being created to be better than humans. They [artificial intelligent machines] think better. They work faster. They do NOT require human assistance once built.

(IBM’s Watson On Jeopardy)

A little over a month ago, Bill Gates stated in an interview ” Robots will soon take your job”. Touching on a similar stance of Dr. Hawking, Bill Gates, too,  talked about the growing concern of software taking away societal’s labor jobs and even analytical jobs!

So now that we have two brilliant thinkers addressing this problem, why isn’t society preparing for this growing issue? Do you think society can prevent this concern?

We really hope so, if not by the year 2040, don’t be surprised if the world seems similar to that of the Matrix!