Proper Form and Technique….. IT’S KEY!!!


I know pushing up a lot of weight at the gym looks really good and might even feel really good, but are you actually benefiting  if you don’t have the proper form to sustain all of that heavyweight? From bouncing 225lbs off your chest (10 times) as fast as possible, or putting 4 (45lb) plates on each side of the bar to try to do squats without bending down more than a mere couple of inches; I’ve seen it all! Come on people! Building muscle doesn’t come from putting up the most weight as fast as you can. Actually, muscle comes from lifting weights that you’re able to complete consistently while isolating the muscle you are working out with the correct form/technique. If you feel like you’re not using the correct form while doing your exercises, please ask a knowledgeable trainer or a more experienced lifter to show you the right form. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help in the gym, EVERYONE started somewhere! Keep lifting, but do it right!


Samuel Genung