Freddie Gray & The Baltimore Aftermath

The death of Freddie Gray, a 25 year old black male from Baltimore, Maryland has yet again left this country racially divided. Freddie Gray was apprehended on April 12, 2015 for reasons still unknown to the public. Police reports indicate that Freddie Gray took off running from the Baltimore police which resorted in a confiscation of a switchblade, being handcuffed, and being thrown into the backseat of a police van unsecured (not strapped in a seat-belt). Ultimately, Freddie Gray was said to have sustained injuries and a broken neck after slamming his head in the van due to lack of security restraint. However, initial reports and family state otherwise. Due to the different reports the police are giving along with the reports Freddie Gray’s supporters are stating a Federal Investigation has just opened.  And though many people will state the obvious ” Well why did he run from the cops if he was innocent?”, many fail to realize that….

via Baltimore Sun

1) it is not illegal to run from the cops, unless you’re evading an arrest

2) given the long history between Baltimore cops and citizens of Baltimore minorities have a great distrust in local cops

3) Freddie Gray’s judgment could’ve been impaired

…in other words, his death could’ve been prevented if Freddie wasn’t profiled. Similar to other black males who have died recently from police brutality such as Eric Garner & Walter Scott, Freddie Gray is another example of an unfortunate epidemic in America. Though many people believe this epidemic has just started, this by no means is anything new. In fact, the only thing different now and decades ago is the utilization of technology, specifically camera/video recording features. The Internet and social media platforms like Twitter give even the smallest cities a voice to be heard (i.e. Ferguson, Missouri). And as a result many Americans, the youth especially are fed up and want answers as to why Freddie Gray died of spinal cord injuries and a broken neck a week after his arrest.

This past week we saw the tipping point of police brutality & the anger of it’s some of it’s younger charismatic citizens. This rage reached the point a few days ago to the point where  a State of Emergency was handed down by the Governor who activated the National Guard to combat the rioting.

Image: A demonstrator confronts police near Camden Yards during a protest against the death in police custody of Freddie Gray in Baltimore
via NBC News


Though we don’t condone rioting and burning one’s own city we realize Baltimore is a microcosm of America. Moreover, Baltimore is a microcosm of many black males in America. Many of us are hurting and aren’t receiving answers to why our fellow brothers are being gunned downed or killed without probable cause or evidence that shows lethal force was necessary. Likewise, these are very hard times for people , such as our youth, to passively be told to “remain calm” during a difficult time of distrust.

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